Martin School PTA
Meeting Minutes



meeting was called to order at 6:08pm. Lisa Bombardier, Tracy Cunningham,
Mary-Elizabeth Hickman, Kim Mercier, Glenda Hernandez, Angie Hewins, Alita
Cousins, Linda Bride, Mark Stiner, Sadie Lindsay, Brooke Kwasnicki, Amanda
Lythgoe, and Mary Hrenko were in attendance. Mary-Elizabeth Hickman and Mark
Stiner made a motion to accept the meeting minutes from September 17, 2018. The
motion passed.

                Principal’s Report: Mrs. Krisch shared
that the Martin staff held a dress down day to support the PTA. The teachers
and staff wanted to be more involved in the PTA, and through the fundraiser we
gained 21 new members. She also thanked the PTA for joining the school in
hosting the Extreme Scientist program. It was very fun with a lot of hands-on
activities. Students and staff loved it, especially the STEM teachers who felt
it really connected to the curriculum.

                FRC Report: Ms. Hernandez shared
details of the Food Drive which will go from 10/13-11/13. Each classroom has a
box for donated items, and the class with the most donations will win a party
in the FRC. Everything else she is doing is going well so far.

                Treasurer’s Report: Reviewed last
month’s proposed budget. Mary- Elizabeth Hickman and Kim Mercier motioned to
accept the budget and it passed. The monthly reports for July, August, and
September were shared. In July, the cost for signs for the new teachers for the
first day of school was $66.50. In August the total spent was $0 except for
monthly bank interest fees. In September, we spent $1,527 which included
liability insurance and $787.27 given to teachers for school supplies. We have
brought in $252 in membership fees so far.

                President’s Report: We are hoping to
find a volunteer to do the PTA bulletin board. Mrs. Krisch offered to add it to
the weekly memo to see if anyone is interested.

                Vice President’s Report: We have 45
paid PTA members so far, which is more than double our membership from last
year, so we are off to a great start.

                Unfinished Business: Mary Elizabeth
Hickman shared the results of the Spirit Wear fundraiser. There were 63 total
shirts purchased, including 23 donated and 30 sweatshirts. The order should be
here within the next few weeks. Amanda Lythgoe shared the results of the
Believe fundraiser. The results were better than last year with gross sales of
$3,800 which should yield a profit of approximately $1,500 which is
excellent.  She did the drawing for the
Amazon Fire Raffle, which Believe provides as incentive for participating in
the fundraiser. The winners were announced and will be notified. The Halloween
party is on Friday, 10/26. A flyer was sent home with information and donation
requests for the upcoming Halloween Party, along with a volunteer form. Mary
Hrenko shared information about the Barnes and Noble Book Fair, which will be
held on December 7th at Barnes and Noble in the Buckland Hills Mall.
We will reach out soon to look for volunteers. There is an opportunity to
purchase cheesecakes, do a group art craft, along with many other
possibilities. A percentage of all proceeds from the evening will go to Martin
school. We will also have a book swap at the Vendor Fair/Movie night on
November 30th. More details on that to come. Ms. Hrenko also
organized a petition for the city bus to come by Martin to help families with
picking up students.

                New Business: We have two more Dine Out
Nights scheduled. The first is at Silk City Coffee on 11/16 from 6-9pm, and
Martin will receive a percentage of the business for the entire 3 hour window.
The second night is 12/10 at Dairy Queen on Hartford Road from 5-7pm. We are
also working on getting a night at Ben and Jerry’s at Evergreen Walk for

Kellogg Shove shared information about group tickets for the Yard Goats game,
which will be on Saturday, April 27th. They no longer offer the
seats used in previous years to groups, so there will be a seating change and
the cost will go up to $8/ticket. We need to sell 80% of
the tickets we reserve. Hoping to gauge interest early so we can plan for

for seasonal sharing have begun. Mary-Elizabeth spoke to Mrs. Starr who is
working with teachers to identify families with needs in time for conferences
so parents coming into the school can choose a wish off of the giving tree at
their child’s conference time.

Reyes, Martin’s music teacher, shared that the 4th grade chorus has
been working hard learning patriotic songs, so she is hoping they can sing at a
Hartford Wolfpack game in March.  She is
working with her contact from the Wolfpack on the details and will give more
information as it becomes available.



Adjourned 6:30pm




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