There have been clarifications made regarding PTA Bingo events.  The state PTA has provided the following specification:
1. You can NOT have a bingo event at your school (or anywhere else) without a PTA Bingo Licence.  The cost is $80 for the calendar year of January until December. This is regardless of whether it is a free or paid event.  You are allowed to have as many events during that year as you wish for that fee.  You can not charge more than $5 per card.  The people running the event will not have to go through registering and the approval process.
2. If you choose to do only 1 event there is an option of a Class B Bingo licence.  It costs $5. Each member running the event must register and be approved.  All prizes must be documented. Paperwork must be submitted with the results within 10 days after the event.
If there are additional questions, feel free to email and we will work to get clarifications for you.

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